What is Pizzagnolo?

The pizza house in Florence, the result of many years of experience and quality raw materials, first of all our Gatti flour, coming from Tuscan and Umbrian grains.

The rest is all about passion, flour, tomatoes, the smell of wood and a lot of love for pizza.

La Pizza

We love our pizza, we don’t argue. And it is also Gluten Free.

It all started with a dream in the drawer, two pizza makers, a small oven and a pizzeria with a few seats in Florence. Since then, we prepare every pizza as if it were the first, because for us it is one of the family.

Pizza dough

Our doughs are made from 100% Italian natural flours, without additives.

Every day we prepare our dough with a leavening of at least 24-32 hours with a hydration of around 70%.





We didn’t want to stop at pizza alone for that we thought of a complete menu that would suit everyone.

From our kitchen you will see traditional Neapolitan dishes come out, our meatballs and a selection of first courses that change from day to day, based on what the season offers us.